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BB the artist

· Bianca Van Damme & Scott Bushaw together make BB 


 · Collaborating since 2014 

·  BB has developed a style in producing original content


·  BB is excited to not only break away from commissioned content in order to be 

free to create their work unbounded by any limits; but also to build a community 


·  Fully jumping into digital art was not a decision taken lightly. BB is looking forward to 

remold themselves and utilize the technology to create our new vision


·  Most importantly actions speak louder than words

·  Bushaw is a published photographer & cinematographer 

·  Commissioned shoots for Mercedes Benz, Honda, Fortune Magazine & more

·  Technical work dates back to the whitepapers and first patents of the 2017 ICOs; 

...I was there and never left! #BTFD

Scott Bushaw

·  Bianca is an accomplished model, actress, screenwriter & soon to be director

·  Featured in: google it

· Bianca’s 7+ therapists broke up with her 

·  She’s found solice in her mental health roller coaster through art 

Bianca Van Damme

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